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  • Generating a new administrator user in WordPress through SQL

    If you need access to a website, built on WordPress, but you have SSH access only, you could still cope with the situation with a few line in the command line. Here are the steps you need to follow: Find the database credentials. They are usually in wp-config.php file under the web-root directory of your […]

  • Chaging the logo on the loging WordPress page

    You have built a new client’s website and you want to change the WordPress logo on the login page (wp-login.php), well there is nothing more easy then this. Add the following code to your theme’s function.php. [crayon-650f880622811295758833/] What actually is happening is that you are hooking the new_login_page_logo function to the login_head action and replace […]

  • Debugging WordPress

    wp-config.php debug options: [crayon-650f880622a45179860862/] And some more: [crayon-650f880622a4b191923453/]