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  • Renewing (an expired?) Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with Easy Engine

    The routine is expected to be as follows: [crayon-656ec703c35fa451647367/] Right? Well, yes, if your environment is up-to-date. ┬áResult of the last command should be like: Renewing SSl cert for https://re-wp.com Reload : nginx [OK] SUCCESS: Certificate was successfully renewed For https://re-wp.com Your cert will expire within 89 days. Expiration DATE: Tue Sep 12 08:23:00 UTC […]

  • Activating Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on a site run by Easy Engine

    Say we have a site on Easy Engine v3.7.4 setup that is not encrypted. We want to get it running under HTTPS protocol, right? Let’s Encrypt seems to be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to go. So here we go, the command is rather simple: [crayon-656ec703c3c8b554099391/] Well, that’s cool, but we might get a […]