JetPack Publicize fails to post to Facebook

Issue: Publicize fails to post to Facebook

Imagine you got a valid connection to a Facebook profile or a page. Well, imagine that after publishing a new post, nothing happens in Facebook. This does happen and it turns out it’s a pretty common issue among users with an attraction to social media propaganda.

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[FORMATTING NEEDED] Advice on improving performance of a media site

Building reader-base and building a brand online:
• Daily interaction with fans in facebook;
• Facebook – Discussions in “Recent posts by others on The Sofia Globe”;
• Facebook – Polls and asking for opinions;
• Facebook – publishing photos with links to news from the site;
• Facebook fanbox in site – upper position in the sidebar (test it, monitoring ads
performance in the same time);
• Twitter – interaction with followers;
• Twitter – discussions with non-followers;
• Twitter – using hashtags on hot topics;
• Google + page creation and development (+ automatic posts);
• Supporting various events in Sofia in return of logo in “media partners” section on their
• Partnership agreements and link exchange with other websites (applies for the increase of
the impressions too);
• Publishing video content (embedded videos mostly) for longer stay on the website, leading
to lower bounce rate and higher rating of the site;
Increasing impressions and stay on the site:
• Publishing photo galleries (twitter/bloggers/other free sources if not own);
• Attracting attention to specific “boxes” in the site as weather forecast or daily global/local
currencies rates (GBP, EUR, USD, BGN);
• “Related posts” links for further information when viewing a single post on the site;
• Non-facebook comments, allowing users to subscribe for further comments on the topic
(to be discussed if relevant);
Monetization: – ad network, limited to Bulgarian audience (stated here:, still a good idea to contact them, as being in an “edge case”; – ad network, most common ads are pay-per-click; – paid statistics and access to statistics, serving ads (paying per 1000
impressions, rather than clicks);
• – ad network, pay-per-click, similar to; – one of the main Bulgarian advertising companies;
• Price-list for all possible ad positions on the site;
• Marketing Positioning Statement – what does this brand mean;
• Relevant Message for Advertisers – why should anyone publish their ads on The Sofia
• Brand Personality (uniqueness) – what makes The Sofia Globe different from all the others;
• Audience Profile;

WPSessions broadcasts

I subscribed for the two free broadcast topics that these guys got there – Business with WordPress and Building Plugins. These are uploaded in YouTube and you can see them once you register. Well… guest talks and screencasts using hangout with some technical or connectivity problems here and there makes some of the casts really annoying to look at. Furthermore, things I heard in “Intro to plugin development” were mostly out of Writing a Plugin in the Codex.

The topic about hiring was pretty general too and I don’t recall anything specific about WordPress being said.

If you watch these while eating or when you are bored, you won’t be sorry about the time wasted, but some of you might get even more bored. I hope Brian starts putting more efforts in these videos, as currently they are uneditted and most definitely will benefit from some cuts here and there.

Debugging WordPress

wp-config.php debug options:

And some more:

BuddyPress forum topics don’t show up

As the last year’s Vlado was not wise enough to blog about this little problem that occurs after BuddyPress updates or server migrations, he is doing it one year later, when he comes again to such a problem.

  • all forum topics are missing;
  • creating a forum topic doesn’t show up;
  • checking topics from a specific group/user profile doesn’t show any results.

Simply you’ve got a mistake in your bb-config.php file, which should be located in the root folder of your WordPress installation. In case of server migration you should check your database credentials (db name, host, user and pass) and in case you have been a wise-ass and have changed your database tables prefix, you’ll have to update these manually in the the same file.

Next thing you’ll see are all your lovely forum topics coming back home.

Unable to upload files: “File is empty”

Out of nowhere I couldn’t upload files, getting the following message after the upload process completes:

File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini

Furthermore, I couldn’t see any of the already uploaded images in Media, although I had the right counts in the filters (images, unattached, videos and so on). I could see video and audio files in their lists, as they have predefined thumbnails, but no images.

After checking the server’s space with the shell command:

df -h

It turned out that the partition, where /tmp resides, was full. Changing the path to upload_tmp_dir (in php.ini) would do the trick, but the real solution is to free up more space and to prevent this event from happening again.