.htaccess RewriteRule examples

This is the source.

I’m copying it for just in case it get’s lost for some reason.

  1. If http://example.com/foo/bar does not exist, redirect to http://other.example.com/foo/bar. (Put this in an .htaccess file in your top-level web directory.)
  2. Handle all requests for top-level .html files and files with no extensions (http://example.com/foo,http://example.com/foo.html) with a single PHP program /foo/show.php. Also, ignore trailing characters in set { : ; , . } so URLs like “http://example.com/foo.” can be copied-n-pasted from plain text sentences by inattentive users.

  3. Redirect GET requests for http://example.com/foo/bar to http://example.com/bar (and/foo/bar.html to /bar.html). Handle POST requests with PHP program rather than attempting to redirect a POST (which is unlikely to work well).


Illuminate WordPress Theme by siiimplethemes (ex MuThemes)

Link: http://themeforest.net/item/illuminate-minimalist-creative-wordpress-theme

Authors: http://themeforest.net/user/Siiimple



  • not quite finished multi-language support (you need to add the text domain in functions.php);
  • slider on front page doesn’t work on IE7, although stated to do so;
  • styles of pages and posts does not support lists, image aligns and probably other styles too;

Cache meta tags in the header


Cannot find old WordPress plugin?

How to find old WordPress plugin? Look for it in the repository! Seriously!

I was looking for XML Google Maps, as one of the best plugins out there for google maps, routes and stuff… so after I couldn’t find it through the search on http://wordpress.org/plugins, I  checked if the repository still remembers it: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/xml-google-maps

Obviously it does. You can even find the last free version of WPML 😉

Another pretty useful resource that you might miss about a plugin is the support forum. You still have it, though! Here it is: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/xml-google-maps

Emails from the site are not received at the Google Apps mailbox of the same domain

There is a common problem with most hostings, when you setup Google Apps for serving the emails for your domain and you expect to receive notifications from your web application in the mailbox. The issue is caused by the “Local delivery” case. When sending emails from the code and the target is a mailbox in the same domain, the MX records are usually not checked, but the mail function tries to deliver the email locally. What happens is it does not find the recipient, so the email is lost.

What should be done is setting up the email routing to “Remote mail server” in cPanel at the MX Records page. Additionally it’s a good idea to add all MX records from google in cPanel even if you have the DNS hosting somewhere else.

WOW Slider for WordPress

Shockingly idiotic plugin, requiring you to use a stand-alone application, allowed to run on one computer only, in order to create the sliders, that are later uploaded in zip files and used in shortcodes.

Premium version allows you to use the application on many computers.

The reason it is used in mazda.bg is just because it plays nicely with mobile devices.



Recently I had the task to search for a woocommerce plug-in that will allow discount on sharing your cart with products. This is something very nice because you get double effect: once – your store is getting free add on someones social media, and second: the client is happy that he gets discount.

Unfortunately there were only two plug-ins at that time that we offering this. The first one is ShareYourCart. And here are is the review for it.

First of all the company that made the plug-in was acquired by AddShoppers. So installing the original plug-in won’t make any sense since it requires clients ID and API Key which are no longer available. To make things working you will need to make a registration on Addshoppers.com and link your site with the account you’ll have there. Then there are several steps for configuring the “Social Rewards” app from the AddShoppers page including installing Social Sharing Buttons By AddShoppers plugin. It takes something like 10min to make all the necessary configuration (and this is the general case when you want all the products to get discount upon sharing) and then we go to the result.

The first disappointment was the outlook of the sharing option on the side. The how thing turns out to be a small banner with fixed position, which was showing on each page offering you 10% discount on sharing the current page.  OK, lets say that this problem could be configured and  with some more settings we can force  the banner to be displayed only on the cart page. But guess what? When you share your cart page, you are just sharing your current url, so actually whoever click on your shared link will be directed to an empty cart page of your site. Not very nice, uh?

Not sure if there were some other settings for managing this issue, but the whole thing is quit anti-intuitive. And having in mind that you have to manage a third-party system for your discounts and then duplicate them in your Woocommerce coupon page all this is getting to much black points. (oh, did i forgot to mansion that you have to have your discount once in the AddShoppers system and then in your Woocommerce as  well).

Anyway the AddShoppers system has some nice looking features like social media statistics on how visible are your products, how many shares are there and some other options. But I don’t have the time to have a look at all of them, and don’t think these are something new and innovative  for Woocommerce at all.

And finally some screenshots:


Resources on WordPress ShareYourCart
This is how the banner looks like. It is just fixed there and the only other positions that can get are top and bottom
Resources on WordPress ShareYourCart
You can add some text here related to the link that you will share.
Resources on WordPress ShareYourCart
And this is how it will look on your facebook wall.