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Notes on WordPress Child Theme Development

I’ll write some notes on the sometimes dumb problems I meet while developing child themes. I won’t be verbose, I’ll just share the solutions that worked for me. Would be appreciated if you share a better one in the comments.



Problem: The parent’s style.css is not loading

Possible cause: forgotten Template: in the child style.css. The name to choose for Template field depends on the name of directory where the parent theme is. Case-sensitive.




Problem: The child’s style.css doesn’t override the parent’s one

Possible cause: get_tempate_directory() is creating the problem, as in style.css is searched for in the parent directory not the child one, therefore s/template/stylesheet/.

Solution: When the style.css of the parent theme is included as it should – using wp_enqueue_style() in functions.php a working solution is to add action in the child’s functions.php to predefine the path to the style.css **sigh**

But that’s quite stupid because if there are styles included originally after parent’s version of style.css the above will override them as well. rage.
I need to come up with different solution.

Oh well, solution:

Simple as that. Conclusion: I’m an idiot.
Edit: It’s actually absolutely the same as the previous solution in the means of effects.

I actually ended up enqueuing the same styles as the parent’s theme in the same order and where i wanted to override I put get_stylesheet_directory_uri() instead of get_template_directory_uri() because there was some problem with the order of including therefore some previosly enqueued styles were not overridden.. I just.. **sigh**

Ahaaa, actually you just neet to change the handle parameter. dude..
At the end you don’t need to enqueue all the styles just enqueue your child styles with different handle. heh :3

Checking your mobile data usage (Mtel only)

TL; DR –

If you have a mobile data plan from Mtel (USB modem or integrated one) and you use Linux, you can’t really check your data usage because the software Mtel provides is Windows-only. You can always use a watchdog of some sort that monitors the traffic on the client side but that’s not really accurate and is kind of cumbersome.

Or you can use this. It just shows your remaining/used mobile data. Since it is kind of designed for smartphone users, there is only mobile version (hence the ‘m’ in the URL). Also, you can ONLY access the page from Mtel’s network (that same sim card you want to check up on).