json_no_route when querying taxonomy with WP-API

To get a taxonomy, using WP-API, you should make a request to http://example.com/wp-json/taxonomies/category/ All is well, until you have a taxonomy with a dash(‘-‘) in its name – in my case, the taxonomy is called ‘event-categories’ – the default event taxonomy in the Events Manager plugin. So, a request to http://example.com/wp-json/taxonomies/event-categories/ responds with a “No […]

How to do animated scroll window to top or offset of particular element

Whenever you want to do animated scroll using a particular html element as a offset you can use the following jQuery code where -100 it the offset from the element in pixels.

Also if you would like to have the option for scrolling to the toп of your page use this one:

Registring widget area and how to use it later

To register a widget area for you theme you should  use the register_sidebar function in your theme’s function.php.

This function will register the widget’s area through the ‘widgets_init’ hook. For more specification on register_sidebar please see here. Next step is to set the place where we want to see the widgets to be displayed. […]

Getting a specific URL parameter in jQuery


Illuminate WordPress Theme by siiimplethemes (ex MuThemes)

Link: http://themeforest.net/item/illuminate-minimalist-creative-wordpress-theme Authors: http://themeforest.net/user/Siiimple Pros: Cons: not quite finished multi-language support (you need to add the text domain in functions.php); slider on front page doesn’t work on IE7, although stated to do so; styles of pages and posts does not support lists, image aligns and probably other styles too;

Cache meta tags in the header