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  • MainWP Sucuri extension overview

    MainWP Sucuri overview. What it is and what you can do with it.

  • MainWP branding extension overview

    Resources on WordPress MainWP branding extension overview

    What is MainWP Branding MainWP Branding extensions allows you to brand your child plugin. You can modify the way MainWp Child plugin and make it look like your company’s. Price: $69 Overview This extension is easy to setup and use, but it offers a nice way to brand your support business. Here is what you […]

  • Override WooCommerce templates with a plugin

    Resources on WordPress Override WooCommerce templates with a plugin

    WooCommerce Templates WooCommerce has templates for everything including emails and provides developers an easy way override them. This template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/archive-product.php. This is very useful when you build a custom or a child theme and you want to modify the way WooCommerce looks according to your needs. But in […]

  • Recursively replacing or removing a string from text files in a directory

    I had a client with 3 WordPress sites hacked, having injected a dirty ad redirect in every possible javascript file of these sites. Around 1500 files were infected with one and the same script, so the best solution for curing them would be to remove that specific line that was causing all the trouble. Following set of […]

  • Scanning and cleaning a Linux machine (server or desktop) with ClamAV antivirus

    Resources on WordPress Scanning and cleaning a Linux machine (server or desktop) with ClamAV antivirus

    A client of mine got some infected emails in their mail server, leading to infected Thunderbird on Windows, crashing the whole operating system. In order to clean up the mess, I had to scan the mail server and remove the emails that were spreading the virus. ClamAV turns out to be a pretty good option for […]

  • Transliterate cyrillic permalinks

    Everyone living in a country that’s using a cyrillic script knows the pain of having to work with a cyrillic URL in Firefox, having to switch layouts when typing an address, all the SEO implications and just how plain ugly it is to have mixed scripts in your “pretty” permalinks. One solution to this is […]

  • UpiCRM – Leads are everything!

    Resources on WordPress UpiCRM – Leads are everything!

    About Leads Everything revolves around leads. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. As WordPress developers, though, we avoid this one, as it doesn’t use custom post types but rather defines its own tables and has an interface for additional fields within it’s settings. Again, none of these are bad things, but we want to […]