A proper plugin for flipping pages of a book or booklet (list of 8 tested and reviewed plugins)

Here is the list of the plugins that I tested: Those booklet plugins that actually are useful WP Booklet – super-simple and easy to work with, has a post type and a shortcode, a short list of options and that’s it. Oh, and it loads images upon opening the page from the booklet, instead of […]

UpiCRM – Leads are everything!

About Leads Everything revolves around leads. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. As WordPress developers, though, we avoid this one, as it doesn’t use custom post types but rather defines its own tables and has an interface for additional fields within it’s settings. Again, none of these are bad things, but we want to […]

Zero BS CRM or how to go fishing for customers

Nah, this CRM doesn’t help much with fishing for customers – it’s way too simple. Actually, most of the features are easily achievable with any custom fields & custom post types plugin out there. Toolset Types could do the trick.  Don’t get me wrong – this one doesn’t do anything bad, and it has some […]

WOW Slider for WordPress

Shockingly idiotic plugin, requiring you to use a stand-alone application, allowed to run on one computer only, in order to create the sliders, that are later uploaded in zip files and used in shortcodes. Premium version allows you to use the application on many computers. The reason it is used in mazda.bg is just because it […]

Simple Booking Form

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-booking-form-wordpress-plugin/ Формуляр за резервации като за хотел (по дати), където в дадена страница просто се слага shortcode и от формуляра се пращат писма до админът и попълнилия формата.