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  • Zero BS CRM or how to go fishing for customers

    Nah, this CRM doesn’t help much with fishing for customers – it’s way too simple. Actually, most of the features are easily achievable with any custom fields & custom post types plugin out there. Toolset Types could do the trick.  Don’t get me wrong – this one doesn’t do anything bad, and it has some […]

  • Gifcast – easy GIF screencasting for Linux

    I recently needed to record my screen and output it to a .gif file. I know it’s a weird thing to do – compared to webm video for example, gifs are way bigger in size, way lower quality and don’t have sound. So.. why? Well, mostly because in most cases GIFs are treated as images(because […]

  • How to require only Cyrillic input

    A case from the practice: You have an e-commerce website integrated with the local delivery company. The thing is that all the address’ fields should be filled in Cyrillic as this is the expected input. Any Latin input will break the delivery service. So you need to make sure that only Cyrillic characters are used. […]

  • Settings API Step by Step

    Resources on WordPress Settings API Step by Step

    Creating custom settings/options page in wordpress admin panel is an easy task if you know what you’re doing. Here is a step by step tutorial on that.  Create settings page First of all we need to create our page. We have two choices: – Create separate page To create a separate settings page we will […]

  • Featured images alt and title tags

    Resources on WordPress Featured images alt and title tags

    For better WordPress onpage Seo we need to give our featured images alt and title tags. Unfortunately we can’t use out of the box tools for this (yet). Featured images alt and title tags with custom code Plugins that give alt and title tags to images don’t cover featured images. To optimize them you need […]

  • IE specific css using media query

    Resources on WordPress IE specific css using media query

    Issue: Style problems only in IE Sometimes websites look as intended on all browsers except IE. To solve this problem we need to write IE specific css. Solution: Create IE specific css with media query If you want to have css styles that target only IE ( works for IE10+ ), you can use a […]

  • Redirecting all pages from the old domain to the new one

    When you switch domains for a WordPress installation, you should think of not only the how to move the site, but how to keep your content reachable by search engine hits or referrals. 301 Redirect is what is expected of you, and the easy way to do it, even if both domains are still hitting […]