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  • Illuminate WordPress Theme by siiimplethemes (ex MuThemes)

    Link: Authors: Pros: Cons: not quite finished multi-language support (you need to add the text domain in functions.php); slider on front page doesn’t work on IE7, although stated to do so; styles of pages and posts does not support lists, image aligns and probably other styles too;

  • Cannot find old WordPress plugin?

    How to find old WordPress plugin? Look for it in the repository! Seriously! I was looking for XML Google Maps, as one of the best plugins out there for google maps, routes and stuff… so after I couldn’t find it through the search on, I  checked if the repository still remembers it: Obviously it […]

  • Emails from the site are not received at the Google Apps mailbox of the same domain

    There is a common problem with most hostings, when you setup Google Apps for serving the emails for your domain and you expect to receive notifications from your web application in the mailbox. The issue is caused by the “Local delivery” case. When sending emails from the code and the target is a mailbox in […]

  • Reasons to have WordPress in a subfolder

    branding (using your company name) quick switch from one to another instance (it’s a pretty odd setup, but you can have public_html/old-wp/ and public_html/new-wp/); hiding the admin panel from bots (but not really)

  • JetPack Publicize fails to post to Facebook

    Issue: Publicize fails to post to Facebook Imagine you got a valid connection to a Facebook profile or a page. Well, imagine that after publishing a new post, nothing happens in Facebook. This does happen and it turns out it’s a pretty common issue among users with an attraction to social media propaganda.

  • WPSessions broadcasts

    I subscribed for the two free broadcast topics that these guys got there – Business with WordPress and Building Plugins. These are uploaded in YouTube and you can see them once you register. Well… guest talks and screencasts using hangout with some technical or connectivity problems here and there makes some of the casts really […]

  • BuddyPress forum topics don’t show up

    As the last year’s Vlado was not wise enough to blog about this little problem that occurs after BuddyPress updates or server migrations, he is doing it one year later, when he comes again to such a problem. all forum topics are missing; creating a forum topic doesn’t show up; checking topics from a specific […]