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  • Generating a new administrator user in WordPress through SQL

    If you need access to a website, built on WordPress, but you have SSH access only, you could still cope with the situation with a few line in the command line. Here are the steps you need to follow: Find the database credentials. They are usually in wp-config.php file under the web-root directory of your […]

  • Solution for cPanel and WHM being stuck on updates

    It happens, although pretty rarely, for updates of WHM and cPanel to fail. Then you can access any of their pages and you are prompted to reload the page as if this would fix it. Solution for me was just to run the following command as root in a SSH session on the server: [crayon-62ff49c281d59397991248/] My […]

  • Gifcast – easy GIF screencasting for Linux

    I recently needed to record my screen and output it to a .gif file. I know it’s a weird thing to do – compared to webm video for example, gifs are way bigger in size, way lower quality and don’t have sound. So.. why? Well, mostly because in most cases GIFs are treated as images(because […]

  • BuddyPress forum topics don’t show up

    As the last year’s Vlado was not wise enough to blog about this little problem that occurs after BuddyPress updates or server migrations, he is doing it one year later, when he comes again to such a problem. all forum topics are missing; creating a forum topic doesn’t show up; checking topics from a specific […]

  • Getting the BuddyPress user profile link

    For an author’s profile link, use [crayon-62ff49c281f38752481432/] to get the URL, and [crayon-62ff49c281f3d515148887/] to get an HTML link element, including display name. For the xprofile data, use [crayon-62ff49c281f3f052371901/] $field can be either the name of the field (like ‘Biography’) or the numerical field id.

  • Getting a specific URL parameter in jQuery


  • Post don’t get sticky

    I had this case that posts couldn’t get sticky after I check them to be sticky. Saving the changes says they are sticky, but when reloading the page, this turns out to be a big fat lie. Trying to remove “stickiness” from other posts wasn’t working either. Probably I must mention that this is a […]