Category: Miscellaneous

  • How to search plugins

    Knowing how to search for plugins will come in handy when you work on projects, it will save you time from trying plugins that might not work anymore or are broken. So here are some tips exactly for this: Those are the tips we can give you, for now, give them a try and happy […]

  • Collection of stock photo links “The Stocks 3”

    This site is like a mass library of stock photos from different sites, not just stock images but can also videos and icons. Not all of those are free so you might need to pay for the content of some of those. There are other categories of sites that are listed as well – lots […]

  • The most straight-forward plugin for disabling comments

    There are plugins to disable comments, we have tested and tried many to see how they work and based on our experience “Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Stop Spam [Multi-Site Support]” is the best of the many we have tested. The plugin gives you two options: 1. Disable comments on any page, post or […]

  • Make a query variable public

    In case you are messing with custom rewrite rules in WordPress and especially creating new ones with the generate_rewrite_rules hook, you should know how to make a private (or a custom, which is by default – non-public) query variable public in order to have it working correctly in the rewrite rule. It’s actually pretty simple […]

  • Expired transients don’t get deleted on protected sites

    I found it the hard way. My database is rather small. It’s actually less than 20 Mb in total. That’s of course, if I exclude the 1.4Gb of data that I have in wp_options alone. Most of if being transients. Most of which have expired some time ago. I’ll spare you the story of how […]

  • Generating a new administrator user in WordPress through SQL

    If you need access to a website, built on WordPress, but you have SSH access only, you could still cope with the situation with a few line in the command line. Here are the steps you need to follow: Find the database credentials. They are usually in wp-config.php file under the web-root directory of your […]

  • Recovering missing Facebook comments (and like counts) after switching to SSL

    You might notice that you are missing your Facebook comments once you switch to HTTPS from serving your site initially on HTTP. The problem is with Facebook not linking the old URLs with the new ones, which is why you might have to do some additional work in order to have your comments back. It’s […]