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  • How to require only Cyrillic input

    A case from the practice: You have an e-commerce website integrated with the local delivery company. The thing is that all the address’ fields should be filled in Cyrillic as this is the expected input. Any Latin input will break the delivery service. So you need to make sure that only Cyrillic characters are used. […]

  • IE specific css using media query

    Resources on WordPress IE specific css using media query

    Issue: Style problems only in IE Sometimes websites look as intended on all browsers except IE. To solve this problem we need to write IE specific css. Solution: Create IE specific css with media query If you want to have css styles that target only IE ( works for IE10+ ), you can use a […]

  • How to do animated scroll window to top or offset of particular element

    Whenever you want to do animated scroll using a particular html element as a offset you can use the following jQuery code where -100 it the offset from the element in pixels. [crayon-6337c9329be0d375818390/] Also if you would like to have the option for scrolling to the toп of your page use this one: [crayon-6337c9329be11830457391/]

  • Notes on WordPress Child Theme Development

    I’ll write some notes on the sometimes dumb problems I meet while developing child themes. I won’t be verbose, I’ll just share the solutions that worked for me. Would be appreciated if you share a better one in the comments.     Problem: The parent’s style.css is not loading Possible cause: forgotten Template: in the […]

  • Аll-in-Оne cheatsheet on different programming languages

    Resources on WordPress Аll-in-Оne cheatsheet on different programming languages (just an example for PHP) An awesome cheatsheet for various languages. Handy!

  • A JavaScript style guide in English (and Bulgarian)

    The link speaks of itself: [EN] [BG]