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  • Gifcast – easy GIF screencasting for Linux

    I recently needed to record my screen and output it to a .gif file. I know it’s a weird thing to do – compared to webm video for example, gifs are way bigger in size, way lower quality and don’t have sound. So.. why? Well, mostly because in most cases GIFs are treated as images(because […]

  • Another useful guide for using Git

    Resources on WordPress Another useful guide for using Git

  • Local WordPress enviroment with Bitnami

    This is bitnami. Download it in your home directory, run the installer and it will open up the Bitnami manager. After you restart your computer, to start apache and mysql, find the ‘wordpress x.x.x’ folder ¬†and execute the ‘’ file. Click ‘start all’ and check localhost:8080 for your local environment. Note: The default username for […]