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  • MainWP WordFence extension overview

    What is the MainWP WordFence extension The MainWP WordFence extension allows you to scan your child sites for security issues, monitor live traffic and to manage Wordfence settings across your network and all from your Dashboard! Price: $39 Overview It is created to scan easily all child sites for malware, security issues and monitor live […]

  • MainWP Vulnerability Checker Extension overview

    What is MainWP Vulnerability Checker Extension MainWP Vulnerability Checker extension uses WPScan Vulnerability Database API to bring you information about vulnerable plugins and themes on your Child Sites so you can act accordingly. Price: Free What is WPScan WPScan is a black box WordPress vulnerability scanner. It is a linux script, created by Sucuri to check WordPress for vulnerabilities. […]

  • MainWP branding extension overview

    Resources on WordPress MainWP branding extension overview

    What is MainWP Branding MainWP Branding extensions allows you to brand your child plugin. You can modify the way MainWp Child plugin and make it look like your company’s. Price: $69 Overview This extension is easy to setup and use, but it offers a nice way to brand your support business. Here is what you […]

  • MainWP advanced uptime monitor extension overview

    MainWP advanced uptime monitor extension overview. What it is, what you need in order to use it and what you can do with it.

  • Override WooCommerce templates with a plugin

    Resources on WordPress Override WooCommerce templates with a plugin

    WooCommerce Templates WooCommerce has templates for everything including emails and provides developers an easy way override them. This template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/archive-product.php. This is very useful when you build a custom or a child theme and you want to modify the way WooCommerce looks according to your needs. But in […]

  • WordPress languages and multilanguage possibilities

    Getting WordPress to speak your langauge from R-Cubed Design Forge

  • .htaccess RewriteRule examples

    This is the source. I’m copying it for just in case it get’s lost for some reason. If does not exist, redirect to (Put this in an .htaccess file in your top-level web directory.) [crayon-6337b9c8f4048694156222/] Handle all requests for top-level .html files and files with no extensions (, with a single PHP program /foo/show.php. Also, ignore trailing characters in […]