Using git via console

# Basic commands to get you started in using Git via console # Дълъг документ, който да ви накара да оцените какво GitHub for Windows прави за вас 😉 Commands to navigate in the console pwd     print working directory cd        change directory. Използвайте кавички  ако в името има интервал  cd Users  cd “Program files” mkdir   …

BuddyPress forum topics don’t show up

As the last year’s Vlado was not wise enough to blog about this little problem that occurs after BuddyPress updates or server migrations, he is doing it one year later, when he comes again to such a problem. all forum topics are missing; creating a forum topic doesn’t show up; checking topics from a specific …

Getting the BuddyPress user profile link

For an author’s profile link, use

to get the URL, and

to get an HTML link element, including display name. For the xprofile data, use

$field can be either the name of the field (like ‘Biography’) or the numerical field id.

Getting a specific URL parameter in jQuery