How to search plugins

Knowing how to search for plugins will come in handy when you work on projects, it will save you time from trying plugins that might not work anymore or are broken. So here are some tips exactly for this:

  1. Be wary of when the plugin was lastly updated, as it is not such a big deal but it is something you need to take into account, since it could be outdated, and some of the features might not work anymore.
  2. When you find a plugin you think will be of great use, go through the notes, and look what are its features, if the plugin also has screenshots it will be a good way for you to see some of the features and could give you a better perspective of the plugin.
  3. It is always good to go through the reviews and read a couple of them, they can be informed of how the plugin worked for them, stuff that they liked a lot about the plugin or they didn’t like about it.
  4. Another thing that is ideal to take a look at is the support forum, so you can see what other people have been having trouble with or problems that they can’t fix, it is also a great way to see how often such problems are solved by the owner of the plugin.
  5. This is not as important as the others but it is good to take a look at how many people are working on the plugin. It’s the list of contributors at the bottom of the plugin’s page that tells you this.
  6. Also look at the version of the plugin – the bigger the version of the plugin the better, since it means that the plugin author has been working on clearing it from bugs and introduced new features along the way.
  7. And lastly, make sure the plugin could work with the version of WordPress and PHP that you are working on. It’s usually stated in the sidebar of the plugin page.

Those are the tips we can give you, for now, give them a try and happy searching!


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