Resources on WordPress UpiCRM – Leads are everything!

UpiCRM – Leads are everything!

About Leads

Everything revolves around leads. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. As WordPress developers, though, we avoid this one, as it doesn’t use custom post types but rather defines its own tables and has an interface for additional fields within it’s settings. Again, none of these are bad things, but we want to customize this code to our liking and make it useful for our cases.

What is UpiCRM

UpiCRM has a nice dashboard with loads of useful boxes with stats on the state of leads, their statuses, sources and so on. Further more, it provides some user role management, so that you can control who does what in your CRM. Data-tables are sortable, which makes them easier to use in case of bigger load of data.

The plugin provides infrastructure for building hierarchical network of CRM instances on separate WordPress installations by defining a master and slave nodes. I didn’t look into this, but sure looks nice in the eyes of people from bigger organizations.

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