Zero BS CRM or how to go fishing for customers

Nah, this CRM doesn’t help much with fishing for customers – it’s way too simple. Actually, most of the features are easily achievable with any custom fields & custom post types plugin out there. Toolset Types could do the trick.  Don’t get me wrong – this one doesn’t do anything bad, and it has some pretty nice backend settings too, but that about it. It is actually a nice tool for it’s authors to try fishing for premium add-ons customers, as this is their business model. The plugin alone is pretty useless, but combined with some of the paid add-ons, it might actually happen to be a good one. If you are not up for some investment in it, better pass it on.

Oh, I forgot the link:

P.S. I miss the Projects part – everything here ends with the quote and invoice. Yet another post type would have come handy.

Update from 06.01.2024: Years after I wrote this review Automattic bought Zero BS CRM and rebranded it to Jetpack CRM. A lot changed since then and now it seems to be one of the most popular WordPress-based CRM solution for micro and small enterprises. Who could have expected that it could grow to something profitable as what it currently seems to be applying the freemium business model?


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