Zero BS CRM or how to go fishing for customers

Nah, this CRM doesn’t help much with fishing for customers – it’s way too simple. Actually, most of the features are easily achievable with any custom fields & custom post types plugin out there. Toolset Types could do the trick.  Don’t get me wrong – this one doesn’t do anything bad, and it has some pretty nice backend settings too, but that about it. It is actually a nice tool for it’s authors to try fishing for premium add-ons customers, as this is their business model. The plugin alone is pretty useless, but combined with some of the paid add-ons, it might actually happen to be a good one. If you are not up for some investment in it, better pass it on.

Oh, I forgot the link:

P.S. I miss the Projects part – everything here ends with the quote and invoice. Yet another post type would have come handy.

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