jCatalog plugin review

I don’t usually do this kind of reviews, but this one deserves it. Here we go:

  • Upon download, you are getting 30 Megabytes (!!!) of 6323 (!!!) files just in the plugins/jcatalog folder. WordPress alone is 18.3 Megabytes and 1216 files.
  • The plugin checks if you are using WordPress or Joomla. So it could work for Joomla with the same code base. “Sweet”, eh?
  • After you install the plugin, you get 3 folders of the plugin in WordPress root (why?!), with overall size of 27Mb and 6463 files. Sounds like a cancer to me. These are “cache”, “tmp” and “joobi”, the latests being with tons of php files inside.
  • Getting around 160 new tables in the database does not seem like the best idea ever.
  • Plugin authors do not keep track of older versions of the plugin in the SVN repository
  • Plugin authors do not maintain the change log, which could lead you to wondering if you should update it at all
  • Deactivating and activating the plugin again, as well as activating it on several subsites in a Multisite installation leads to loads of warnings and notices. I should report them in the support forum, but am a bit not sure if it’s worth the effort, as the authors didn’t do the effort to test these things on the first place.

If you want to have a CMS inside the CMS, something like the Alien, but in PHP, written by Joomla* developers, then I can’t recommend this plugin enough to you!

*I don’t have any prejudices neither on Joomla, nor on it’s developers. It’s just the standard of development that is different. If you are not looking into your code, you should be just fine.

This review was originally posted by me on WordPress.org. Plugin version is 1.10.8, WordPress was on 4.5.2.


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