Cannot find old WordPress plugin?

How to find old WordPress plugin? Look for it in the repository! Seriously! I was looking for XML Google Maps, as one of the best plugins out there for google maps, routes and stuff… so after I couldn’t find it through the search on, I  checked if the repository still remembers it: Obviously it […]

Emails from the site are not received at the Google Apps mailbox of the same domain

There is a common problem with most hostings, when you setup Google Apps for serving the emails for your domain and you expect to receive notifications from your web application in the mailbox. The issue is caused by the “Local delivery” case. When sending emails from the code and the target is a mailbox in […]

WOW Slider for WordPress

Shockingly idiotic plugin, requiring you to use a stand-alone application, allowed to run on one computer only, in order to create the sliders, that are later uploaded in zip files and used in shortcodes. Premium version allows you to use the application on many computers. The reason it is used in is just because it […]

[FORMATTING NEEDED] Advice on improving performance of a media site

Building reader-base and building a brand online: • Daily interaction with fans in facebook; • Facebook – Discussions in “Recent posts by others on The Sofia Globe”; • Facebook – Polls and asking for opinions; • Facebook – publishing photos with links to news from the site; • Facebook fanbox in site – upper position […]

Debugging WordPress

wp-config.php debug options:

And some more: