[FORMATTING NEEDED] Advice on improving performance of a media site

Building reader-base and building a brand online:
• Daily interaction with fans in facebook;
• Facebook – Discussions in “Recent posts by others on The Sofia Globe”;
• Facebook – Polls and asking for opinions;
• Facebook – publishing photos with links to news from the site;
• Facebook fanbox in site – upper position in the sidebar (test it, monitoring ads
performance in the same time);
• Twitter – interaction with followers;
• Twitter – discussions with non-followers;
• Twitter – using hashtags on hot topics;
• Google + page creation and development (+ automatic posts);
• Supporting various events in Sofia in return of logo in “media partners” section on their
• Partnership agreements and link exchange with other websites (applies for the increase of
the impressions too);
• Publishing video content (embedded videos mostly) for longer stay on the website, leading
to lower bounce rate and higher rating of the site;
Increasing impressions and stay on the site:
• Publishing photo galleries (twitter/bloggers/other free sources if not own);
• Attracting attention to specific “boxes” in the site as weather forecast or daily global/local
currencies rates (GBP, EUR, USD, BGN);
• “Related posts” links for further information when viewing a single post on the site;
• Non-facebook comments, allowing users to subscribe for further comments on the topic
(to be discussed if relevant);
https://easyads.bg – ad network, limited to Bulgarian audience (stated here:
https://easyads.bg/publisher_info.php), still a good idea to contact them, as being in an “edge case”;
http://httpool.com/ – ad network, most common ads are pay-per-click;
http://gemius.bg/ – paid statistics and access to statistics, serving ads (paying per 1000
impressions, rather than clicks);
• etarget.bg – ad network, pay-per-click, similar to easyads.bg;
http://www.piero97.com/ – one of the main Bulgarian advertising companies;
• Price-list for all possible ad positions on the site;
• Marketing Positioning Statement – what does this brand mean;
• Relevant Message for Advertisers – why should anyone publish their ads on The Sofia
• Brand Personality (uniqueness) – what makes The Sofia Globe different from all the others;
• Audience Profile;


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